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Laser Hair Removal & Advanced Skin Care


Kelowna Laser Hair Removal

Half Face Laser Hair Removal

$100 - 30 min

Full Arm Laser Hair Removal

$175 - 45 min

Full Legs Laser Hair Removal

$295 - 90 min

Basic Bikini Laser Hair Removal

$75 - 15 min

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

$40 - 15 min

Neck Laser Hair Removal
Front or Back

$80 - 15 min

Inner Thighs Laser Hair Removal

$75 - 15 min

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

 $95 - 15 min

 Chin Laser Hair Removal

$40 - 15 min

Fore Arm Laser Hair Removal

$100 - 30 min

Upper Legs Laser Hair Removal

$195 - 45 min

Buttocks Laser Removal

$100 - 30 min

Top 10 Questions you should ask before getting hair removal

  1. How do I best choose a Laser Clinic?

When considering a clinic for laser hair removal services, consider how many lasers the clinic uses. Not all lasers are created equally and one laser alone will not effectively treat all skin types.

A trained technician will choose the right laser for you by considering your skin colour and the colour, thickness, and density of your hair. Laser clinics that offer you a selection of lasers increase your likelihood of getting the best possible results.

Be sure to request a consultation to learn more about their laser service. Good clinics will offer these consultations for free. The consultation is also a good time to ensure that the technician who performs your sessions is appropriately qualified, and experienced.

  1. What can I expect at my Consultation?

Only an experienced certified laser hair removal technician is best suited to decide whether you are an appropriate candidate for laser treatment. If you are, they will specify the type of laser that will work best for you.

During your initial consultation, the technician should explain the process and establish realistic expectations. You should be asked about your medical history, have your skin and hair type assessed, and the risks of laser hair removal should be explained to you.

To reduce the risk of complications (such as hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, burns, and blistering), your technician should ask you to refrain from taking any medications that may cause photosensitivity.

Your technician should also provide instructions for how to best prepare for your first session and what to expect following your treatment.

Because laser treatment is most effective on clean shaven skin, your technician should be recommending that you shave just before your treatment. They should also be recommending that you avoid waxing and tweezing hairs at least 2-4 weeks beforehand.

Finally, if you are very sensitive or not sure if laser hair removal is right for you, your technician should allow you to request a skin patch test.

Important Questions to Ask BEFORE Your Treatment

During your initial consultation, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. What training/schooling does the technician have that allows him/her to perform this procedure?

Laser hair removal is unregulated in British Columbia. That means that anyone can market themselves as a laser hair removal technician.

Extensive training is required to operate the laser safely so it’s important that you feel certain your technician knows what they are doing. Ask if they were certified by an independent training facility that is not affiliated with the manufacturer or distributor of their laser equipment.

Without the proper training, your technician places you at risk for possible burns, undesirable side effects, and wasting good money on ineffective treatment.

  1. What type of laser will be used on me?

The equipment being used on you is the biggest determinant of how safe and effective your treatment will be.

As an example, here at Serenity Aesthetics, we safely treat all skin types by using 2 of the top hair removal lasers available.

  1. Candela’s GentleLase- Alexandrite 755nm wavelength- for light to medium skin types.
  2. Candela’s GentleYag- ND Yag 1064nm wavelength- for medium to dark skin types.

With regularly scheduled maintenance service, our equipment is consistently operating at top manufacturer’s specifications.

Knowing the laser’s brand and wavelength allows you to shop around, compare and find locations with the best equipment. Additional information concerning laser types is easily found with a quick internet search

  1. Is this the safest and most effective laser available for my hair and skin type?

At Serenity Aesthetics, our 755nm Alexandrite laser uses the melanin (color) in the hair shaft to target the cells lining the hair follicle, inhibiting future growth, and leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

Within the industry, Candela’s (GentleLase) Alexandrite is considered the gold standard as the most effective laser for hair reduction with light to medium skin types. For those with darker skin types, the Candela (GentleYag) 1064 ND Yag laser is the safer option, getting great results for dark coarse hair while also safely treating tanned skin.

Beware of businesses that will not disclose the make or model of their equipment. Knowing the laser manufacturer and the laser’s wavelength is important. If the technician doesn’t know, that is a good indicator of a technician’s competency, and your safety.

Although some lasers claim to safely treat all skin types, this does not ensure you will achieve optimal results. Therefore, it is imperative that you are assessed by a Certified Laser Specialist.

  1. Is your technician experienced in using the type of laser that you’ve recommended for my skin type?

Every skin type is different. Your technician’s experience is a key factor for determining whether or not they can achieve optimal results for you and each unique client.

  1. Is the machine being used here an actual ‘laser’ or an IPL?

Buyer Beware!

An IPL machine is an Intense Pulsed Light Machine and is NOT a laser at all. Sometimes filters are used with an IPL in an attempt to focus its energy to mimic the directly targeted beam of an actual laser.

IPL machines cannot create a targeted beam. Therefore, your hair removal treatment’s effectiveness and safety is compromised. While IPL machines can be effective for some cosmetic procedures, it has been demonstrated that the more powerful and directly focused beam of energy from an actual laser is not only safer but substantially more effective for hair reduction.

  1. Are my treatment results guaranteed?

When treated by an experienced technician with the appropriate laser, you will usually see a 70%-98% permanent reduction in hair growth. It is unwise for your technician to guarantee specific results because it is impossible to predict how other factors like hormonal changes and medical considerations can affect your future hair growth.

If someone offers you a guarantee, be sure to read the fine print!

Usually, guaranteeing laser hair removal results is a way of ensuring that you’ll be charged for a few additional treatments. If, during your initial consultation, it was not thoroughly explained to you that results vary and cannot be fully guaranteed, you might seriously reconsider doing business with them.

At Serenity Aesthetics, we are committed to honesty, providing reasonable expectations, and helping you reach your personal optimal results with the minimum amount of treatments necessary.

  1. How responsive is white, grey, or blonde hair to laser treatments?

Unfortunately, not very responsive at all. Some businesses claim differently and occasionally, you may see minimal reduction. However, beware of businesses promising that they can effectively remove this lightly coloured hair with a laser. It is best to treat any remaining white, grey, or blonde hair with electrolysis.

  1. How much does it cost?

When comparing prices, it is important that you compare ‘apples to apples’. After researching the types of machines being used by your local businesses and the training level of their technicians, only then are you in a position to really compare pricing.

In your decision to have hair removal treatment, it is vitally important to keep in mind that your body’s health and safety is your most important consideration and you will often get what you pay for.

At Serenity Aesthetics, being very passionate about fairness, we’re proud of the value we offer with our service and competitive pricing. Our reputation for excellence, honesty and ethics is earned by our loyal practice of only offering you the best laser services after providing an honest, thorough consultation with realistic expectations of your outcome.

We appreciate your loyalty. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

What sets US apart from the competition?

While other companies will have their own answers, at Serenity Aesthetics we offer you:
a) Superior Equipment

  • The single most important factor ensuring your optimal results and satisfaction is making sure the right equipment is being used. It is imperative that the correct wavelength be matched to your physical characteristics so you can get the best possible results for your money.
  • We are proud to offer you our state-of-the-art Candela GentleLase and GentleYag lasers. These gold standard medical devices (both Class IV lasers specifically designed for hair removal) are known to be the most effective hair removal lasers within the industry.
  • Our lasers can safely and effectively treat all skin types.
  1. Superior Service & Results
  • Your treatments are caringly performed in a discreet and comfortable environment by highly skilled and experienced certified laser technicians.
  • We are hair removal specialists. Getting you your best possible results is our top priority.
  1. Relaxed Sales Approach
  • You can be confident in the value of our service and competitive pricing.
  • You can rest assured that we respect your intelligence. If you should require additional treatments after your initial package is complete, we’ll work closely with you offering only the sessions you actually need to achieve optimal results at a fair price.
  • You can feel certain that we appreciate you and aim to continue earning your business by always treating you with honesty, respect, and fairness.

“Trust the experts” at Serenity Aesthetics Laser & Advanced Skin Care!

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