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Laser Hair Removal & Advanced Skin Care



Eyebrow Waxing

$20 - 30 min

Half Face Waxing

$35 - 30 min

Under Arm

$25 - 20 min

Half  Legs Waxing

$40 - 30 min

French Bikini Waxing

$40 - 30 min

Upper Lip Waxing

$10 - 15 min

Side Burn Waxing

$20 - 15 min

Half Arms Waxing

$30 - 30 min

Full legs Waxing

$70 - 60 min

Brazilian Waxing

$60 - 45 min

Chin Waxing

$12 - 15 min

Neck Waxing

$15 - 15 min

Full Arms Waxing

$50 - 45 min

Basic Bikini Waxing

$30 - 15 min

Are you thinking of removing unwanted body hair? Serenity Aesthetics professionally uses wax to remove unwanted body hair for you look and feel your best. Our spa in Kelowna offers complete privacy for your waxing to make your experience truly comfortable.

It is important to understand waxing does more than remove hair. Waxing exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and silky. Serenity Aesthetics technicians select the best type of wax for your individual requirements. We attend to your skin type, hair texture and gender. An advantage to choosing waxing is a great long-lasting solution to the problem of unwanted hair.

A common reason most avoid waxing is the notion of being very painful. In the process of your hair becoming thinner, waxing becomes more comfortable. A recommendation is to trim hair in the area to wax to ½ an inch. The benefit is a great look of smooth, sexy skin! You feel more confident in your appearance. No more stubble razor look.

What to expect from waxing

Waxing removes hair immediately making your skin feel smooth and soft for about a month.

Do you feel shy asking for waxing in certain body areas? At Serenity Aesthetics we will put you at ease. Our professional estheticians will discuss with you the waxing procedure to get the results you want. We follow high standards of safety and hygiene. No double-dipping during our waxing treatments. Each session begins with a clean, disinfected surface using disposable sheets, strips, spatulas and towels.

What to consider for your waxing

Your hair area needs to be at least ¼” long and no longer than ½” for the wax to grab onto. Make sure to clean the area to be waxed before your appointment.

It may sound like a great idea to have a glass of wine or beer before waxing, its better to abstain. Alcohol stimulants the system and can cause skin to be extra sensitive to waxing. Hold off for a couple of hours after drinking coffee or alcohol before waxing. We recommend drinking lots of water to hydrate your body and skin.

For bikini area waxing, wear comfortable underwear. The area will be more sensitive after waxing.

Serenity Aesthetics spa in Kelowna will guide you through the entire process. Your waxing will be in a private room with a professional waxing technician. We use proper draping to ensure privacy and comfort.

Who should wax?

If you have hair you rather not have then waxing is a great alternative to shaving or permanent hair removal. Serenity Aesthetics recommends waxing for all genders and ages. Waxing is better than shaving because it removes hair from the root follicle.

Who should NOT WAX?

Avoid waxing altogether if you have diabetes, varicose veins or poor circulation. If you have been using medication or lotions causing thinning of the skin. Wait until your skin has recovered before waxing. Other considerations are to avoid areas of broken or irritated skin, warts, spots, moles or sunburn.

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