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manicuresA manicure has many health values. Beautiful, manicured hands have a classical, elegant finish. At Serenity Aesthetics our manicures are more than applying a coating of nail polish to your fingers.

Our classic manicure begins by exfoliating dead cells from your hands to smooth the surface of your skin. Your hands are then massage and moisturize to stimulate blood flow, hydrating to soften your skin.

Serenity Aesthetics, spa in Kelowna has been in business since 2009, located downtown on Bernard Avenue. Relax and enjoy while we take care of your hands. Unravel into to the folds of our incredibly, comfortable manicure chair, while we pamper your delicate hands. Serenity Aesthetics professional team of estheticians will take the time to learn more about any special concerns we need to be informed about before beginning any treatment with you. Let us know if there are any special medical concerns you would like to discuss prior to your manicure.

Professional spa manicures treatment

We use only the industry’s best manicure, hand treatment products available. The products range from brand names such as the Footlogix, along with OPI and the original Shellac nail polishes. .

You can rest assured, when you leave Serenity Aesthetics, your hands will thank you. Our spa provides a tranquil, inviting atmosphere. We maintain a serene, immaculate environment to make you feel welcome. Our expertly trained team exercises a high level of our industry standard. Visit our website to see other services to book your next appointment with us.

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