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Laser Hair Removal & Advanced Skin Care


Not All Laser Hair Removal Is The Same

The efficacy of laser hair removal is based on these important principles:

  • Type of device – The lasers used by Serenity Aesthetics are actual lasers, class IV, the most powerful class level approved by the FDA, and can permanently reduce hair and provide long term results.
  • Wavelength – Serenity Aesthetics customizes treatments for our clients using the laser with the wavelength that is best for their particular skin type. These clinically proven most effective wavelengths permanently reduce unwanted hair.
  • Treatment Plan & Technician Skill and Experience – Our number one goal is to get our clients results! We create a treatment plan to achieve the greatest reduction in the shortest amount of time. At Serenity Aesthetics our technicians are fully certified laser technicians with extensive experience – rest assured you are in competent hands!

Type of Device

There are many light-based devices used for hair removal across the country that are approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. The major difference is the energy output or “class” level of the device. The class levels created by the FDA range from 1 to 4. Class levels determine how deep beneath the skin the energy penetrates. A higher “class” level signifies a greater energy output and deeper penetration. The two most common light-based devices used to perform what is collectively referred to as “laser hair removal” are:

Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed Light or “IPL, works well primarily for skin-rejuvenating procedures that require low energy. All IPL devices are Class 2 and use the full spectrum of light rather than one optimized wavelength. The class 2 classification means that the energy produced is enough to affect the skin just below the surface but does not provide enough energy to affect unwanted hair at the root. Also, IPL devices work utilizing the full spectrum of light, therefore more radiation is absorbed in the skin and cells surrounding the area being treated. This is not the case with Class 4 Lasers; IPL devices are commonly used for laser hair removal mainly due to the low cost of the equipment to the provider. IPL devices do not produce lifelong results and clients who receive IPL treatment for laser hair removal will need to continuously receive treatments every 8 to 12 weeks to maintain the results. IPL devices only stunt hair growth rather than disable hair follicles at the root. Quite simply, IPL devices do not provide the energy output required to provide permanent long term hair reduction results and are not optimized for individual skin types that may significantly increase the risk of potential adverse reactions. IPL devices are best suited for surface level skin rejuvenating procedures.


Laser uses a precise wavelength of light that is specifically optimized for the treatment of laser hair removal and a person’s individual skin type. The Lasers used at Serenity Aesthetics are class IV, the most powerful class level approved by the FDA, and can permanently reduce hair and provide long term results. Class IV lasers can deliver up to 1,500 times more energy than Class III and consequently reduce treatment time, saving clients money.

Laser hair removal works by heating the hair in the follicle to the point of singeing until it burns down to the root and disables the surrounding follicle without damaging the surrounding skin or cells. This destroys the root and as a result less hair grows back ( i.e.: picture a black balloon inside of a pink balloon, If you were to pulse an Intense Pulsed Light machine at the balloons both would pop. If you pulsed a Laser at the correct wavelength at both balloons only the black balloon inside would pop while the outside balloon remains unharmed).

In addition to the fact that Laser produces permanent reduction, laser also has other benefits. Laser actually destroys the root of the hair, so after a completed series of treatments the skin looks and feels softer because there is no longer any hair just beneath the skin’s surface. It is actually the remaining portion of shaven hair that creates a dark shadow and coarse feel sometimes even just minutes after you shave. Laser gets rid of all of your unwanted hair and returns your skin to the look and feel it had prior to you having any hair growth in the area just like when you were a baby, hence the term “baby soft” skin.

Other benefits of laser treatments:

  • Tighten your skin slightly, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age lines.
  • Reduce or eliminate brown spots or age spots in the treatment area.
  • Eliminate razor bumps & ingrown hairs medically known as pseudofolliculitis.

Determining which device is IPL and which is an actual laser is not that easy since lasers are sold under brand names, but by asking what Class the device you are being treated by will help to simplify this process.


There are many brands of hair removal lasers out there and each utilizes a different wavelength to remove hair. As a consumer you should know that some work significantly better than others. The reason for this is money

Serenity Aesthetics  customizes treatments for our clients using the laser with the wavelength that is best for their particular skin type, using either a 755 nanometer wavelength (also called Alexandrite) optimized for Fitzpatrick skin types 1-4 or a 1064 nanometer wavelength optimized for Fitzpatrick skin types 4-6. These are the clinically proven most effective wavelengths to permanently remove unwanted hair.

You can remain confident that at Serenity Aesthetics you will find both the 755 nanometer and 1064 nanometer wavelengths allowing us to safely treat all skin types including tanned skin!

Treatment Plan & Technician Skill and Experience

Once the correct device using the correct wavelength on the correct skin type is being used the next critical factor is treatment plan.

At Serenity Aesthetics we customize a treatment plan based on our client’s individual needs, based on our extensive experience. Our goal is to provide great results in fewer treatments!

At Serenity Aesthetics we take pride in providing the best customer service combined with education and experience. Our technicians are “Certified Laser Technicians” and also hold a Diploma for “Medical Esthetics”. Every team member of Serenity Aesthetics receives treatment so that they can understand the treatment experience from your, the client’s, perspective. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that our laser experts can answer any questions you may have and speak from both researched and personal experience.

At Serenity Aesthetics Kelowna spa, our laser hair removal technicians are proficient in the skills required to provide you with the safest and most effective treatment possible. Our Education and experience put you, the client, first and create a level of expertise that is unsurpassed in our industry.

Our technicians work with each of our clients to maximize comfort and cater to their individual treatment needs. We recognize that each individual client is different and that the effectiveness of your treatment will be greatly dependent on your individual body chemistry and hormones. Our treatment plans take this into account; our technicians communicate with you and adjust settings when necessary based on the results you are achieving after each treatment. Our number one goal is to provide great results, safely in the fewest amounts of treatments!

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